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Care and education for Orphan Children

.In spite of planned development and special provision for accelerated socio-economic development of neglected, disadvantaged sections, the issue of orphan, semi orphan and street children is not properly addressed. In our project area many Orphan, Semi Orphan and Street Children are found. The problem of orphan , semi orphan , street children is acute due to urbanization and industrialization. Re-marriage of Deserted , Widowed ,Divorce women, Absence of love and security in the families, Family disputes, orphan and street children are   left without care and support. These children are involved in rag picking; pick pocketing and participating in anti social, criminal activities. Therefore, the organization decide to set up  a orphan children home namely Snehlaya to mainstreaming these children in the national building by providing care, support and protection . The project proposed in this scheme is meant for additional support to run the orphan children home. 

JMECT has always been supporting students in terms of promoting education in the marginalized community, the students who have parents are deprived of seeking education and the condition of the children who do not have parents is worse. Orphan children are unable to get a chance to learn; they often drop out of school at an early age or never enroll themselves in schools to meet their daily needs. Without education, they are subjected to extreme poverty and at times they might be forced to bonded labor. They lack of parental support, lack of motivation, encouragement and love and care which results in building up of anti social behavior. We have aimed at ensuring education of the underprivileged orphan  children, the students who are orphan and are deprived of education due to lack of access to education, we have been supporting them in ways we are able to afford , till now we have supported 31 students.

The following activities have been carried out to support them:-
1.   The students have been provided uniforms, as the cannot afford to buy a uniform which identifies them as a student, we have provided uniform to 14 students and other materials like pencil box, notebooks and book, and other needful resources for learning they have been very happy by getting the materials and uniforms which have encouraged them to go to school.

  1. We have provided scholarship amount of Rs. 2000 to the seven  orphan  student.

  1. We have provided a reading table set among 10 orphan and semi orphan children .

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