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Distribution of Ration Kit

The Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic spreading day by day all over the world infecting thousands of people and facing inconceivable circumstances. Thousands of human beings lost their respectful lives due to this dreadful disease .  Due to covid 19 threat India is now under  lockdown and  has closed all non-essential businesses & services, as the government ramps up preventative measures to combat Covid-19. During lockdown and just before of lockdown large number of migrant workers returning from Kerala , Delhi, Mumbai, Delhi etc places  to our project area. The said worker is most vulnerable and   may be  the COVID-19 outbreak has become a cause of  spread the disease in our locality.
     Due to present lock down situation ,migrant labour ,daily wages earner ,pety businessmen other poor section are being hit the hardest and the situation is worsening day-by-day as they are caught in a vicious cycle of no jobs, no food and no solution in the near future. With many businesses and government services closed, there is limited access to support services. Police blockades and a lack of public transport are also making it difficult for ration and essential supply . This will prevent the most vulnerable and elderly in the area  from going hungry during the pandemic.  Essentials commodities like ration, medicines and daily hygiene products already difficult to access, the lockdown has further reduced their ability and opportunity to procure these items.
JubayerMasud Educational & Charitable Trust   (JMECT)  as a social organization  is always active in disaster time  since 2007. In present lockdown situation the organization also come forward to provide ration among the daily wagers, homeless and other people affected by the lockdown  imposed in the district of Bongaigaon  in view of the coronavirus pandemic.  
  We distributed 2765 ration kit  among the needy families during the pandemic period  Specially we focused on women headed, pregnant, and lactating mothers, daily wages labour small and marginal farmers.